Virtual Constellations

For professionals with systemic experience

If, as a coach, therapist, counselor, organizational-consultant, psychologist, social worker or other “supporting” professional :

- you are already doing remote sessions with clients over the phone, skype or other voice-over- internet applications
- or if you plan to do so in the near future
- and if you have systemic tools/constellation work in your toolbox

you will discover the many extra possibilities this interactive tool can add to your remote sessions.

Private sessions with clients
As facilitator with constellation work in your toolbox you can have your own “private room” (with individual unique password) on the total neutral website . While you speak with the client over the phone, Skype or other voice-over-internet application, you can use this tool in a secure environment and facilitate your client in absolute privacy. On-line, real-time.

Next to “one-to-one” sessions, your private “room” can also be used for tele-class where you can teach, demonstrate and practice basics of systemic work with groups of participants.

The tool/medium can be used to “re-play” and discuss cases with colleagues, mentors, teachers.

If you would like to start exploring, interactively, with your clients in your own private room register HERE

If you wan to try out just for yourself in stand-alone mode then go to the demo HERE



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