Virtual Constellations

Try out / Demo

When you go to the Demo you will see a Help button on the left top. This help function will take you step by step through the process of how to set up a constellation.

If you have experience with constellation work you will probably quickly understand how it works. If not let us know so we can improve the help-function.

If you have no prior experience in systemic work you are welcome to try but you might need a live on-line demonstration first to understand the possibilities of this systemic tool. In that case contact me.

In this try-out demo you cannot interact on line with others. To try out in interactive mode you have to register and get your personal room. (registration is for FREE). In the interactive “room” both facilitator and client have access to the same field and both can bring in, change and move objects, on-line, real time.

Personally I sometimes use the Demo to facilitate a constellation for myself, solo. Also in close sessions, sometimes clients prefer to sit next to me in front of my monitor and do the constellation on the screen instead of setting up a constellation in the room.



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