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About me

Yuval AllonMy name is Yuval Allon. I live in Auroville, Tamil Nadu, India. Auroville is an ideological international community with over 2000 members from 40 different countries ( In Auroville creativity, entrepreurship, social justice, spirituality, nationalities, races, ideals, empowerment, survival, cultures and many other aspects meet, dance, mix, collide intensively in an ongoing exciting experiment. I coach, consult, facilitate personal development with local organizations, groups, public open workshops and also work with individuals one-to-one. One of the tools I use is constellation work.

Apart from my work as facilitator I have managed companies in The Netherlands, Israel, Denmark and Turkey. In 2003 I started volunteering in India 2 months a year and in 2008 I joined Auroville. I am certified facilitator for Constellation Work, certified facilitator for The Human Element workshops. I completed the full coaching course of CTI, The Coaching Institute. Presently I participate in an ongoing non-violence communication study/practice group and a mediation study/practice group.

I am a member of the International Coaching Federation and served on one of their committees in 2008 and 2009.

Systemic Experience.
I started to participate regularly in constellations in 1996, joined a 2 year facilitators course licensed by Bert Hellinger in Belgium in 2001 and was certified in 2003.
The course was a big boost for my personal growth, it opened up my intuition and added systemic work skills to my toolbox.

Next to working with groups I also use this systemic work in one-to-one personal sessions. In one-to-one close sessions I have used various objects to represent persons or elements in the clients constellation and I have seen other facilitators using all kind of objects as well. Papers, chairs, shoes, puppets, coconuts, leaves, cushions, bricks, stones etc etc.

Then one day I thought: If in one-to-one sessions it works by using these substitutes for live-representatives then why not through symbols on a screen, representing persons or elements of a constellation?

And so the idea of virtual constellations was born and you are invited to experiment with it.



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